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Changing Lives -
one paw at a time

We need your support!

We rely on you!

We are entirely dependent on your generous support to continue with our vitally important work enhancing the lives of people living with autism through lifelong canine companionships.

There are many ways that you can help Autism Life Dogs so that we can help as many families as possible.

Donate via Paypal

By making a donation, of whatever size, you help to support the ongoing maintenance and expansion of our programmes which bring loving companionship and increased independence to the lives of children and families living with autism.

Donate here 

Shop online through Easyfundraising

Autism Life Dogs has joined Easyfundraising and you can create a free donation for us every time you shop online with over 3000 big retailers like Amazon and John Lewis.

It is quick and easy to use – go to easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/autismlifedogs to activate.

After you have made your purchase, the retailer will make a donation to us at no extra cost to you.  You can shop to your heart’s content knowing that each time you do, you are helping us to provide more families with very special autism therapy dogs.

Your support can help us to continue to expand and bring vital help and support to families who need us.

Where does my contribution go?

Whatever amount you are able to donate, your contribution will help us to train more of our special therapy dogs who work with children in their homes. We provide the highest quality dogs, training and support, making our very special therapy dogs accessible to the families who need them most.

We are a not-for-profit organisation so we continuously work hard to keep our costs low to support the important work that we do. It is very expensive to train a therapy support dog but the huge benefits that these dogs provide over a lifetime make this is a relatively low cost therapy.

Many families cannot afford to fund the cost of an Autism Life dog themselves, so the more support we receive, the more lives we can change for the better.

Real, tangible results

The work that our dogs do makes autism a less isolating social disorder, brings families together with a common love and bond, helps to greatly reduce social exclusion and isolation and increases people’s ability to access the wider community and a life full of increased independence and loving companionship.

The tangible results of our work show a number of measurable benefits:

  • previously non-verbal children developing meaningful speech and language in as little as 3 weeks.
  • increased social interaction and participation in more varied activities
  • less repetitive behaviours and resistance to change
  • less isolated and withdrawn; increased confidence and self-esteem
  • reduction in the intensity and frequency of ‘meltdowns’ and challenging behaviours
  • reduced anxiety in the home and in the community, less bolting/absconding and making children safer

More ways you can help

Foster Families

As Autism Life Dog is expanding we occasionally need people who are willing to look after a dog before training begins.  It is very difficult to find Labradors that are able to meet our requirements to become an Autism Life Dog but sometimes find ourselves in the situation that we have more dogs than we can train at a time.

Dog Transport

There are occasions when a dog on our puppy scheme needs to be taken to one of our trainers. The time and cost of providing taxis is enormous for either our families or ourselves, so we are looking to create a database of drivers who we can contact when such a situation occurs to see if they can help out with transport.

Dog Accessories

When a family welcomes an Autism Life Dog into their home there is quite an extensive list of items to buy. Maybe you have dog accessories that you no longer use and would like to donate or if you want to purchase something for Autism Life Dogs please visit our “Wish List” on amazon.co.uk

Sponsor a Harness

Maybe your group or organisation would like to sponsor a harness? Our dogs are provided with a harness but some families prefer, or need, a harness that can be held by both the parent and the child. The cost of this harness including the handle for the child is £160.

Sponsor a Therapy Toy Box

Our Therapy Toy Box contains everything that is needed for a child and their dog to play the games and activities of the Autism Life Dog therapy programme. The cost of a toy box is £250 – perfect for a school to raise by holding a non-uniform day or cake sale.

Arrange a Sponsored Dog Walk

Dogs and their owners like nothing more than a good walk so why not arrange a sponsored dog walk at your local park in aid of Autism Life Dogs?

In whatever way you can support us – on behalf of Autism Life Dogs and the children and families your donations help – a big thank you to all of our supporters!